Governance Structure

  • Realizing the Values of Trust and Responsibility


  • Esan Global Bio endeavors to become a corporation trustworthy to its customers and to the regional community. Various ESC certifications/trainings are conducted for this purpose, and Esan Global Bio strives for a more systemized, material sustainable management.

    In addition, through transparent governance, Esan Global Bio is continuing the consistent, and effective efforts for sustainable management. Moreover, responsible supply chain management is being carried out through sharing/encouraging ESG management to the supply chain including the raw material suppliers.

  1. 01

    Sophistication of ESG management

    Increase of ESG awareness in employees Practice of transparent management

  2. 02

    Governance transparency and ethical management

    Satisfying diversity in Board of Directors composition Taking strong measures towards anti-corruption and unethical issues

  3. 03

    Responsible supply chain management

    Sharing ESG management with vendors Management through monitoring