Brand Story

Growth and Innovation

CEO Junhan Lee founded "Esan Global Bio" in 2017. He wanted to promote our country's abundant agricultural products to the world and achieve success in recognition of its excellence. Esan Global Bio specializes in agri-food processing, providing the best quality and confidence to meet customer needs. They enrich agricultural products and enrich people's lives, just as two mountains rise side by side to form the world's landscape.

Harmony with Nature

Esan Global Bio is a brand that companytains and develops quality and trust in harmony with agriculture, customers, and nature. Based on their 50 years of experience, they are focusing on the production and sales of yuzu products with refrigeration facilities and processing plants. More than 320 pesticide residue tests are conducted every year to produce safe products, and products are exported to various countries such as France, Germany, Thailand, and China. Esan Global Bio prides itself on its role in promoting domestic excellent agricultural products to the world through various products.

New Future Pioneering

Their passion and expertise spread around the world, bringing new flavors and values to consumers based on the quality and trust of agricultural products. Esan Global Bio is a proud leader in agri-food processing exports, growing with customers and moving forward together into the future. They also strive to protect sustainable agriculture and the environment, and they want to form new mountain ranges to enrich agricultural products and enrich people's lives. Esan Global Bio will build on customer trust and cooperation to raise global awareness of agricultural products and explore the future together.