Concentrate & Puree

Juice Concentrate & Puree capturing the essence of nature
Juice Concentrate & Puree
  • A variety of
    fruit choices

  • A high-quality
    manufacturing process

  • Can be used for
    many different purposes

Esan Global Bio uses a variety of fruits to produce high-quality juice concentrate & puree. It is made from various fruits such as yuzu, lemon, passion fruit, kaki, carrot, etc.

Esan Global Bio follows a high-quality manufacturing process to keep fruit fresh and nutritious. Fruits are selected from fresh conditions and manufactured after rigorous quality control procedures. Through this, juice concentrate & puree preserves the rich taste and nutrients of fruits to the fullest extent, and provides customers with both taste and health.

Esan Global Bio's juice concentrate and puree can be used for a variety of purposes. Consumers can use these goods in a variety of dishes and drinks, including drinks, yogurt, ice cream, and baking. Juice concentrate & puree can be used for creative cooking and beverage manufacturing, providing customers with a variety of choices and creativity. This allows customers to enjoy their own delicious dishes and drinks by utilizing the various flavors and nutrients of the fruit.